Perhaps these are the quirkier photographs. Something will catch my eye or interest me.

With “Breakfast, Kyiv” it was the colours as much as curiosity about what Ukrainians offer; with “Fondaco Dei Tedeschi Rooftop, Venice” it’s the new and the old, as well as lines and shapes. “Dawn, Windhoek” captures the experience of walking to catch a flight on a brisk Namibian morning. The Estadio Centenario is the one football ground I always wanted to visit, perhaps because of its history, or simply because it’s the other side of the world. I had no idea what Uruguay would be like. In fact the parakeets are blue and green and the River Plate is chocolate brown; the buses have curtains and play Sinatra. Seagulls are everywhere on the Bosphorus but the one in the photo of the Golden Horn seems to wrap its wings around the Süleymaniye Mosque. The coffee in Harry’s Bar was so expensive I felt the need to record it. The stove fed the whole school at the Crane Academy, Kitale. The toxic green water of Lake Pampulha in Belo Horizonte, set against the birds resting on a branch of a red coral tree, is both striking and disturbing. Back in the UK, the snap across the Severn Estuary caught my exhilaration at seeing those bridges in sunshine. As for the daffodil, it survived; after the thaw, it sprang back up and fulfilled its proper life span: triumph over adversity.