Please email me at if you wish to discuss any of the following.

Portraits or Other Specific Paintings

Examples of commissions are “East Street, Lacock” in the Places Gallery and “William Heyen,” “William Hughes,” “Michael Pennie,” “John Strachan,” “John Strachan at Corsham Court,””Ewen Siblings,” and the second “Caroline Dale” in the Portraits Gallery. Let me know what you’re looking for and at what price and I’ll decide whether it’s a commission I can take on.

Purchasing a Signed Book

I’m happy to sell signed copies of Dark Eyes on America (paperback), Rereading William Styron or American Lonesome. This would be at the LSU Press cost-price plus postage.

Book Covers and Author Portraits

Just as I’ve used my paintings on the covers of my own books, so I’m occasionally approached to provide a cover or an author portrait. Perhaps you’re interested in commissioning a painting for this purpose? I’m also open to granting permission for the use of one of my existing paintings, as I did with the portrait of Joyce Carol Oates for a Cahiers de L’Herne edition on her work.


William Heyen
Cover Portrait of William Heyen
Rereading William Styron by Gavin Cologne-Brookes
Rereading William Styron
American Lonesome: The Work of Bruce Springsteen
American Lonesome
Back Cover Portrait of William Hughes
Back Cover Portrait of William Hughes

Paintings for Sale

Many of the paintings displayed on the website are potentially available for purchase.  Some paintings are no longer in my possession. Others are too personal for me to part with. But I may be open to agreeing a price for one or another specific painting. Those scheduled to appear in Cadmium Thread: Local to Global Paintings 2011-2021 may be available for pre-purchase for collection after the exhibition. Sizes shown are close approximations.

Public Speaking

For many years I travelled the world giving academic papers and public lectures. I remain happy to consider invitations to speak publicly. If any aspect of my work showcased on this website interests you in that regard, feel free to contact me to discuss. Examples of recent talks I’ve given are listed under other writing. Since 2019 I’ve focused as much on painting as writing and would be delighted to talk, for instance, about this form of interdisciplinary creativity.